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Make your slack team public

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I discovered a pretty cool opensource project today. and that makes your slack team public. it called slackin

You will get a public page for your slack organization, users just use the public page to request an invitation. it means any people can send invitation themselve.

This project also provide a badge, javascript component such as facebook like button or the badge of codeclimate.


This project looks like based on node.js, you probably don't want to install node.js on your computer or figure out how to deploy slackin on server, there's a easiest way that you can use a heroku Support fork and the steps below:

  1. Register a heroku account
  2. Going to to get the token of your slack team.
  3. Visit slackin heroku support fork, click the button "Deploy to Hekoru" on
  4. Setup your app name and slack_token
  5. Done! Your public page will be https://{your_app_name}

btw, if anyone interested about Ruby on Rails, feel free to join us: Kaohsiung Rails Meetup and FB Rails Group


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